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 My favorite Zen koan , "Oak Tree In the Garden," calls out to each and every one of us to awaken to our most essential nature.  Every moment is an opportunity for the full awareness of what is, and the ability to make choices  to manifest a beautiful, peaceful, and just world through our authentic expression and connection is a precious gift we are all given.   

For years, music and writing arose from a pure space deep within, but became muddied by worldly expectations.  The last two decades have been spent in formal yoga and Zen practice, on an ever-unfolding journey to find the truest, most authentic form of my beloved expression.  "Oak Tree In the Garden" celebrates this journey as a way to share this unfolding, and as an invitation to come along.  

"Oak Tree In the Garden" is not only the name of my new music project, but also the source of music/songwriting/storywriting/article and blog writing: creative upwellings such as the children's music persona "Shana Banana,"  first book "Meditation for Moms and Dads," and more.  

In the words of Zen Master Joshu: "The oak tree—that’s who you are. Find yourself. At least once. "

 Thank you for opening your heart to me.  I vow to pour mine out to you.  Together, we will rise and effect a more peaceful and love-filled world. 


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